Into Right Relationship

Team Cultivating

We believe that teams have the collective ability to create and innovate in ways that extend beyond the individual. This is part of what makes teams powerful. But when they get stuck? Into Right Relationship’s external perspective and relational facilitation break through old patterns to build toward a new kind of teamwork. This looks and feels differently for each team. It can mean transforming paradigms, mending and tending dynamics, building an employee-centered culture, or simply taking the next step together.

We’re really good at sniffing out what’s holding a team back from its best collective work. When we reflect those insights back to the team? They begin to grow. And that’s at the root of cultivation.

Our (Human) Approach

Sarah Brown of Into Right Relationship facilitates a Senior Leadership team to improve collaboration in Asheville, NC.

A team is a complex organism – a collective of individuals with distinct capacities and needs.  As team dynamics are unique, Into Right Relationship doesn’t prescribe a standard approach. Instead, we harness the insights of team members to leverage each group’s expertise. Together, we identify and build skills that support growth.

By working in a parallel process that supports both executive leaders and teams, we create the kind of change that sticks around long after our facilitators leave the room.

Naming The Thing And Staying With It
Those things we pretend are invisible? Often, they are bright yellow; neon even. At Into Right Relationship, we don’t walk away from issues. Instead, we work toward them to gain a shared understanding of what impacts teams and their dynamics.

Equalizing Power
We engage everyone as equals, regardless of role or pay grade. Everyone has valuable insights to share that can inform understanding and collaboration.

Listening Fully and Communicating Directly
We practice this (again and again and again) so that you can build skills individually and as a team. Effective communication allows you to navigate the issues at hand with compassion for one another and an openness to moving forward.

Designing Solutions with (not for) Teams
You are the experts in your business. After naming, equalizing, and listening together, we build systems and processes to facilitate change driven by you and your team.

Custom work plans build team competencies by incorporating the following elements:

    • Team Assessment: Into Right Relationship conducts an initial assessment of the team to identify how workplace systems are functioning – or not – and make recommendations that meet the moment.
    • Executive Leader Coaching: As the executive leader holds the most power within a team, they also have the greatest opportunity to affect positive change. Into Right Relationship works directly with executive leaders to transform their management practices and work culture.
    • Team Coaching: We facilitate full team training and coaching sessions, drawing on insights gleaned from the original assessment to address issues and concerns. With challenges named and heard, we facilitate the co-creation of new practices for working together that map out individual and collective ways of doing things differently.

These offerings support the following characteristics of healthy, functioning teams:

    • People communicate so that intention matches impact. Team members speak directly and with compassion while also listening in a way that enhances shared understanding among colleagues.
    • People wield power consciously and appropriately. Team members take responsibility for how their power impacts others.
    • People are accountable to themselves and one another. Team members at all levels – including senior leaders, managers, supervisees, and coworkers – engage comfortably with accountability practices that support everyone in doing their best.
    • People work in supportive structures that make the day-to-day both more efficient and easier. Team members leave behind broken patterns, co-creating new practices that increase success.
    • Diverse peoples and perspectives are valued and incorporated regularly into the work. Team members act from a common belief that collaboration across diversity and difference yields better decisions, products, and outcomes.
    • People leverage transitions as opportunities. Change happens. Healthy teams and team members transform disruption into innovation.
    • People build relationships through intentional connection. Vibrant teams are defined by authentic relationships between colleagues who lead as humans first.
"I have held onto the glow I felt after our team retreat! Our time with you has been no less than transformational, in my eyes. Tremendous appreciation for your skilled facilitation and design of the time together. This week I put what we learned into action and sent an employee the "Making a Request" worksheet, asking her to use that format to bring her long simmering schedule concern forward. I'm grateful to have the tool, and a reference to point back to what we learned together.

I was so pleased to have the strong buy-in from the team, and you certainly delivered with an agenda that clearly responded to what individuals were looking for."
Jennifer Simpson
Executive Director, Blue Ridge Partnership for Children
“Change is always slower than one hopes, but seeing how excited the team is about making shifts in this direction is worth it. Your enthusiasm to train and partner with us is mostly to blame. Thank you so, so much.”
LeElaine Comer
Community Action Opportunities