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Management Mentoring

Work systems, managers, and the people and teams they manage are dynamic. Management Mentoring meets managers where they are at: in both their skill sets and team needs. For those facing specific challenges, this service develops systems tailored to their circumstances, troubleshoots employee interactions, and brainstorms transformative approaches. For those not experiencing management “problems” per se, this is the perfect offering to explore how to keep learning with and from any team.

Our Human Approach To Mentoring

Our coaching approach will draw from your insights to get the kind of creative thinking flowing that works for you and your team. Since this offering is one-on-one and intentionally focused on you, we’ll get up close with your growth edges to nudge you towards better management. 

Starting with the Team
Employees have some of the most valuable knowledge about their managers’ growth areas. We start with a team-informed assessment to surface the potentially unseen or unnamed and work from there.

Listening Fully and Communicating Directly
We will listen to you, ask questions that challenge, and reflect back your own observations and insights.

Supporting Accountability
This one-on-one mentoring will support you in the uncomfortable spaces of your professional development and provide the structured time you need to reflect on your learning while trying out new and different strategies with your team. All the while, we’ll be available for support, redirection, and accountability.

Tailored Work Plan
We will start with an initial team-informed assessment and a self-assessment to surface core issues and growth areas. From there, we will integrate these reflections and feedback into a mentoring work plan that both challenges and complements your personal management style.

Individual Session
10 private hour-long management coaching sessions; in-person and virtual options.

Signposts and Progress
After completion of 10 sessions, we will conduct a second team-informed assessment and compare your self-assessed growth with its impact on your team.

In session
Your mentor will model different approaches that we’ll practice together so that you can both make mistakes and learn from them in the privacy of a one-on-one session.
In between coaching sessions
You’ll be practicing specific activities and strategies with your team.
Ongoing practice
We’ll co-design an accountability system for soliciting and responding to feedback to keep your learning alive after our work together is done. We’ll be sure to incorporate ongoing feedback opportunities for your team.

Your individualized work plan will focus on three management competencies in addition to these core areas:

    • Self-management and awareness;
    • Direct and transparent communication that goes both ways;
    • Practical day-to-day management strategies; and
    • Systems’ designs that support personal and team goals.
“You created safety by allowing for person-to-person rapport building in our meetings, were able to meet me where I was (if we knew that a walk was better than sitting, you suggested it), and you always showed compassion, presence, openness, curiosity and general interest in what I was thinking or ideas I had. Even more, you treated me like an equal through collaboration (not by force or judgement).

While you had a structure that we used to keep us on point, we also could throw it out the door if something else was needed more readily in the meeting. I think the biggest lesson I learned from you was to name it, whatever it was - if I felt stuck or angry, we just named it to take the sting out of it. Named the lateness. Named the joy. Named the really damn hard parts of a project. We kept naming what was happening which was the first step in getting through a stuck patch.”
Tamara Lee
Tamara Lee Coaching
“Sarah is an amazing leader who has taught me more about leadership than I ever could have hoped to learn here. I am so grateful for her mentorship and hope to continue to grow from it for a long time to come.”
Anonymous Feedback
“Thank you for being such a clear model of what an employee and a leader should be. You’re effing amazing.”
Jonathan Stansell
Former Employee