Into Right Relationship

Being Human Management Training

Live, Virtual Series: Winter 2024

“Every manager at every level needs this training!  It’s truly world-tilting in the very best way. When I think of all the managers working without meaningful training, real-life context, or thoughtful support, I feel entirely discouraged. This training offers a bright glimmer of hope: the more managers in the world who lead this way, the better off we’ll be as a workforce, a business community, and as people working together. The mix of accessible and impactful concepts, small-group practice, and personal work have all helped this work take root in my own management practice – and I’m already seeing a positive shift.” Rachel Zink, Training Participant

Managing is hard work. It can push all kinds of buttons that distract us from being present with one another. That’s because we’re human – whether we are seasoned leaders or brand new to our roles. The key to successful management is learning how to keep human relationship at the center of all work. The good news is that managing well is a skill that can be taught to all levels. That’s what this course is for.

Our Human Approach To Training

You’ll attend this training with other leaders and managers who also seek a more relational (and effective) management approach. Together, you will practice being fully human in the workplace. This means bringing your curiosity, vulnerability, humility, and a healthy dose of a “fail-fail again-fail better” approach at all times.

We realize that your unique expertise and experience will enhance mutual learning. All participants will bring their specific management scenarios and needs to confidential, shared conversations about what it means and takes to become a more human leader.

Being Present
Presence is the foundation of working into right relationship. What does it take to show up for your team? We’ll practice this together.

Listening Fully and Communicating Directly
These interrelated skills show up everywhere, which is why they weave throughout the training course. Our training will help you build skills and get feedback from peers before going back to your own workplace.

Collaborating to Create
Collaboration is another core practice of the Being Human management approach. Our interactive training environment allows you to work with peers to build the right tools and strategies for different work environments.

Together, we’ll create an engaging (and fun) learning environment where you will build skills your team will notice and appreciate.

In between trainings, you’ll practice what you are learning each week:

With your team
You’ll test and try out new skills and strategies. Back in class the following week, you’ll learn from and build on one another’s successes and mishaps.

With a rotating small group from the cohort
You’ll connect for weekly practice sessions focusing on different tools.

Developing core management skills, including

    • Providing training, ongoing staff development, and support throughout the life cycle of an employee;
    • Understanding the three different management modalities and when to apply them;
    • Developing an understanding of how power and cultures of dominance show up in the day-to-day of management;
    • Having difficult conversations;
    • Hiring and firing;
    • Transitioning teams to employee-directed work plans; and
    • Using effective evaluations that inspire growth.

Practicing clear and transparent communication

    • Learning to hear and respond to your employees;
    • Building rapport and trust;
    • Setting clear expectations and following-up;
    • Requesting, receiving, and responding to feedback; and
    • Giving feedback including genuine praise.

Building a team environment

    • Cultivating teams that collaborate;
    • Nurturing peer support models;
    • Facilitating effective and enjoyable meetings; and
    • Managing conflict.

Leading in collaboration

    • Gathering and integrating employee input into decision-making;
    • Developing accountability systems for supervisors and employees;
    • Understanding and naming your own growing edges; and
    • Having grace for yourself and others. We’re all human after all.

32-hour course delivered over 12-week period

    • 16 hours of virtual group training
    • 16 hours of individual and small group real-life practice
    • Groups capped at 20 participants to support personalized learning

Pre-Work: Self Reflection (4 Weeks)
You’ll prepare for the in-person training by spending one hour weekly reflecting intentionally on your work as a manager. This preparation includes a survey for the people on your team to complete. These personal reflections and employee feedback will help you understand your current management practices and surface areas of both strength and weakness.

    • 1 hour weekly the weeks of January 8, 15, 22 & 29 to be completed with it best fits in your schedule.

Virtual Training: Core curriculum + Practice + Self-Reflection (8 weeks)
You’ll engage a core curriculum delivered in weekly two-hour virtual training sessions plus an additional 90 minutes of collaborative and self-paced activities between sessions.

    • Virtual group training: Wednesdays, February 7, 14, 21 & 28, and March 6, 13, 20, & 27 from 1:00-3:00 pm.
    • Virtual small-group practice sessions: Thursdays, February 8, 15, 22 & 29 and March 7 & 14 from 1:00-2:00 pm.
    • Self-reflection assignments: 30 minutes weekly when it best fits in your schedule.

Standard Fee:  $690 per participant.

"This training is a gem of an opportunity. The curriculum is well constructed and engaging, the activities are designed to build concrete, real-time skills, and the learning process is both iterative and introspective. Plus, Sarah Brown is a danged talented facilitator. In my experience, management and leadership skills are too often conflated with confidence, networking and status. This training fundamentally challenges that paradigm by bringing mindfulness, humor, humility, and self-discovery to the forefront. Sarah teaches participants to build trust, decentralize power, and show up as our authentic, human selves in the workplace. I cannot recommend these skills, or this training highly enough."
Anna Pfaff, Centering Healthcare Institute
Being Human Management Training Participant
"This course helped me develop an understanding of the essential skills needed to manage in a way that aligns with my values. Specifically, this training gave me a strong foundation to manage in a way that recognizes an employee as a full person. Sarah has curated content from her years of experience and presented it in a digestible and engaging way. I definitely recommend this course to managers and supervisors who are interested in ensuring they are cultivating a work environment for their staff in which they feel heard, valued, and supported, thereby creating more impactful organizations. "
Being Human Management Training Participant